Steps to Follow While Developing A Mobile App?


Your brain comes up with an amazing app idea. You share the idea and you get assurance your idea is great and it can be helpful to plenty of people struggling out there. You have a good start but the issue here is not every great app idea is executed well and even when executed well, not every app developed is successful. On the bright side, there are plenty of apps that are massively successful and they might have done something right to reach that level. You can start with proper research, asking the right questions, and finding the correct answers.

Do you know there are 3.3 Million apps in the Google Play Store and 2.11 Million apps in the Apple App Store in the first quarter of 2022 according to the report of Statista?


You can see the competition is fierce but so is the demand and usage. It all boils down to following proper steps and hiring the best mobile app developers to do it all right for you. Let’s get started right away.

Steps to Follow While Developing A Mobile App

1) Idea Confirmation & Research

Before you dive in deep and make a huge investment of not just money but of effort and time as well, you need to check whether the idea is worth investing in or not. Make sure you are not marrying the wrong idea with the following factors:

● The Objective of the App

What is the object behind developing a mobile app? Does your app solve any existing problems? Does your app fulfill your target audience’s needs? Are you equipped with resources to develop and promote it as well?

● Target Audience

Who are actual users of the app? What is the age group of your users? Know the potential users and develop a solution that fits their needs.

● App USP

What sets your app aside from your competitors? What makes your idea unique from others? What is the basic appeal of your app?

● Competitor Analysis

Are there apps already present that are in your category? Who are your actual competitors?

● Budget of the App

What will be the cost of development? Will you be able to afford the cost?

● Marketing Strategies

What will be the best ways to market the app? How will you acquire the first 500 users?

2) Wireframing & Designing

The second step of the mobile app development process is to first create a wireframe that will show the flow of the app and basic structure to get an idea. Followed by the wireframe will be the actual design with engaging looks and easy navigation.

3) Development

Integrate the final design into the development phase. Choose the platform you want to develop your app with. You can choose Android app development, iOS app development, or pick cross-platform app development to cover both platforms.

4) Testing

Once you are done with development, make your solution undergo manual and automation testing to find and fix bugs, check the device compatibility, and functional testing, and launch a product that is error-free.

5) Launch & Marketing

If the project has completed all the previous phases with flying colors, it’s time for the big launch. Make sure to follow all the App store guidelines and optimize your app perfectly and launch. Also, market your app on trending social media channels, write and publish blogs, and create a buzz for your product.

6) Post-launch Maintenance

Once the app is live, make sure to keep maintaining the app. Check if the app is not crashing with the increase in users and data. Check user’s feedback and do changes accordingly.

Wrapping It Up

Stages of app development might look lengthy and tedious but they will be fruitful and rewarding in the long run. Whether you are a startup, enterprise, big business owner, or a highly popular brand, the steps remain the same for everyone and are mandatory to follow chronologically. You can hire a mobile app development company or you can also hire remote developers to work dedicatedly on your project. Do you have any question ?