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Property Listing

AboutProperty Listing

Enter the era of broker free deals – Advance Real estate platform to help buyer and seller connect directly without worrying about the brokerage.


Build your Property listing platform

Sieg Partners constantly works with advancement of the technology to develop user solutions which makes life easy for the users. One of the recent added solution is the property listing platform to help owners and tenants to buy or lend property without hassle of the brokerage fees.

NoBro is an unique concept designed to eliminate the additional fees incurred on property deals which shoots-up the property cost making it inconvenient for the buyers as well as the sellers. Our NoBro property listing platform helps 3 system users namely Property Owners, Tenants and Admin with a user friendly property management solution.

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Break the chain of brokerage - Real Estate Property Listing 

Enter the era of broker free deals – Advance Real estate platform to help buyer and seller connect directly without worrying about the brokerage.



Free Listing
Manage property
Manage Payment
Update profile


View Properties
Inquire and buy
Mark Favorite
Advance filters

Admin Panel

Manage Owners/Tenants
Manage Categories
Manage Payments
Manage Portal

Owner - Seller

Owner platform allows user to login into system as an owner and upload their own Propeties, manage. sell, activate and deactivate with a single click. It provides rich-features to assist owners to sell property easily.


Tenant - Buyer

Tenants or buyers of the platform are offered a wide range of features such as view properties, mark favorites. perform advance search, reachout to owners, agreement and many more.

Admin Panel

Admin panel works as a central repository of all the properties listed on the portal which can be activated/deactivated. Additional to the tenant/owner management, other main features like categories, payments, location, properties and other can also be managed easily.

Our Work

Kalgi group - for better tomorrow

Kalgi group deals in providing industrial plots, commercial buildings and properties in Gujarat and beyond.Current solution will be deployed across PAN-India to help buyers and sellers looking for the commercial properties. An existing arrangement in the industry involves huge amount paid to the brokers. NoBro will eliminate the intermediate layer and offer a transparent deals.

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Safal Prelude, 1105, Prahaladnagar, Ahmedabad 15 India

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