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We are thrilled to introduce our latest project – the Sscast Valves ERP Software. This innovative solution stems from a collaboration with Sscast Valves, a distinguished manufacturing company that was grappling with challenges in managing various facets of their operations.

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In response to these challenges, our team of adept developers at Sieg Partners, a leading industrial software development company based in India, embarked on creating a robust ERP software using Java technology. Sscast Valves ERP Software is not just a software; it’s a transformative tool designed to propel manufacturing operations into the future. Experience the power of streamlined processes, enhanced efficiency, and unparalleled control over your business operations.


Architected and Integrated ERP with many third-party applications.
Successfully migrated multiple ERP applications to the cloud as part of IaaS for various clients
Implemented, upgraded, and enhanced various engineering applications in the area of Product Lifecycle Management.

Various B2B and B2C integration implementations to ensure correct product availability at the right time and price for customers.

Successfully implemented and configured end-to-end business processes for Order to Cash (OTC), Source to Pay (STP), Plan to Produce (PTP), Record to Report (RTR), Hire to Retire (HTR) at various industry verticals globally.

Key Features:


Data silos lead to inefficiency, missed opportunities, and departments working at cross-purposes. The primary benefit of ERP is a central view of essential financial, operational, and business data that can be shared across the organization in near-real-time.

ERP provides the ability to automate repeatable business tasks, such as payroll, order processing, invoicing, reporting, and more. Automation minimizes the time spent on manual data entry, reduces errors, and allows employees to focus on more value-added tasks.

Tracking and Visibility
ERP platforms allow companies to track, surface, and understand business metrics—a powerful feature. They facilitate companywide access to near-real-time data, breaking down information silos and offering reporting and analysis for every aspect of business operations.

Financial Management
Financial management is a complex task involving planning, organizing, and determining the best use of funds for a business. ERP enables financial leaders to track and use financial data from all departments to make decisions about capital projects, funding sources, cash management, and financial controls.

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