Importance of Mobile App Maintenance After the Final Launch

Importance of Mobile App Maintenance After the Final Launch

In this galaxy of endless applications and new ones being added every day, it is not enough to develop a good app. Along with developing an app, it is equally important to take care of the app launched in the market. What’s the point of investing a bunch of bucks in the mobile app development to get it deleted in the short run?

According to the data from BusinessofApps, 3000 apps could be removed from the Apple App Store in a sweep that is not updated by their respected developers. The App store did give a timeline of 30 days to submit the updated version of the app. App Stores, focus on security and privacy guidelines, and also take into consideration the user interface and user experience of the application.

Every app needs to be up to date according to the latest guidelines. This makes mobile app maintenance one of the crucial elements of the development cycle. Here are some of the best reasons for maintenance.

1) Cyberattack Protection

Hackers are searching for loose ends in the application. There has been a slight increase in the number of successful attacks. Hackers have become smart and apps are becoming less secure. Over a period of time, the apps can become outdated even though they are supported with encryption. This is why it is important to update the app from time to time.

2) Bug Fixing

Often there is a hurry to make the app live in the stores. This ends up in minor bugs in the app. Post-launch maintenance includes bug fixing even after the app goes live in the app stores. Bugs also exist in the app on the grounds of a change of platform, framework, or version upgrade. Regular maintenance of the application will review the app code and see if there are any errors. Existing errors can be quickly solved under maintenance and the app will function smoothly. Avoid quick bug fixing, the users of the app will be diverged and shift to the competitor’s app.

3) Version Upgrade

For an app to be successful, acquiring maximum users and retaining them is the best option. With good marketing, if you acquire the users at first, it is equally important to keep the users engaged with the app for a long time. Keep upgrading the version from time to time to keep the users active and engaged with the app. With version upgrades, the app will get new features, and new functionalities, improve efficiency, and scalability, and also enhance its performance. With version updates, the users feel that a responsible team is constantly working on the application to make it better.

4) Saves from Getting Blocklisted From App Store

There are several guidelines to be followed by the business before submitting the app to the stores. With passing time, the guidelines are updated but without maintenance, the app fails to update itself. This ends up in the app getting blocklisted from the app store. Hence, regular maintenance saves the app.

5) Reduce Downtimes

A well-maintained app will not crash easily and often. Businesses face heavy losses due to downtimes in the application. With frequent app crashes, the loss is bound to increase. With proper app maintenance, the app’s performance will improve which will eventually result in business growth.

Final Words

Mobile app development and mobile app maintenance both should go side by side. Make sure to maintain your app and see that it is functioning well without bugs and crashes. This will help the app gain more users and keep the existing ones. It also promotes business growth and a better return on investment. Do you have any question ?