On-Demand Food Delivery App Development

On-Demand Food Delivery App Development

Food Delivery App Development

Supercharge your business with On demand food delivery app development

Automate your business by choosing food delivery app development with Sieg Partners Be a hunger saviour for your customers with our on-demand solution for food delivery. We have years of experience in developing innovative solutions to deliver food that covers every business type.

food delivery to fulfill different needs

Sieg Partners is highly experienced in delivering customized app solutions for food ordering and delivery that contain multiple advanced features. We provide frontrunner white-label development solutions for food delivery for restaurant business aggregators, food ordering apps for restaurant chains, and for the on-demand food delivery marketplace.

Food delivery marketplace

Build a readymade app for food delivery with us and offer a seamless online food ordering experience to your customers.

1 Single restaurants

Enabling small restaurants to create a unique brand identity that lets them beat the cut-throat market competition.

2 Chains and restaurants

Running a restaurant chain? Don’t worry; we have customized on-demand app solutions for the food business!

3 Superior admin panel for ultimate control

Intuitive admin panel to track every single vendor right from the inception of food delivery till its completion.


1 .Live order tracking

Sieg Partners allows the admin to keep a tab on their delivery orders as they get processed.

2. Manage restaurants smoothly

Sieg Partners provides the admin to add, remove or edit the restaurant partners or their products as and when needed to maintain better flexibility.

3 . Accurate reporting system

You get detailed reports and analytics of each vendor about the number of orders requested, orders delivered, orders cancellations with reasons for the same.

4 . Wallet Settlement

Admin can also get to know how much they have to pay to the Vendor and How much amount they have to take from the Driver.

5 . Bird-eye availability view

Now you can easily manage your food deliveries by detecting the status of your drivers. Manage their idle hours to make the most of your deliveries.

6 . Comfortable order assignment

Once you have the status of your drivers, it is time to assign orders as per their availability and area.

7 . Driver app – your on-road resource

Sieg partners app for on-demand food delivery enables drivers with phenomenal features that can help them elevate their daily deliveries.


1 Multiple order acceptance

Online food ordering is becoming popular among the customers these days. With Sieg Partners food ordering platform, drivers can accept any number of orders.

2 Order confirmation

The vendor can easily process the order request with this option. Moreover, the vendor can cancel out the order by using the same option as well.

3 Exciting ways of earning

Sieg Partners digital food delivery app for drivers enable the delivery partner to make the best of the orders that are floating in their pending list.

4 Order broadcasting

Delivery partners can choose their desirable orders from the broadcasting list to utilise their capabilities to at fullest and to increase their earnings.

5 Credit orders

Drivers can now accept food delivery orders on credit and collect the payment from the customers for deliveries later on.

6 Navigate effortlessly!
Delivery partners can avail of the in-app navigation option to get the absolute delivery route information to make superfast deliveries within no time.

7 Vendor management to upscale your capabilities
Our seamless online food delivery app development services will let your vendors unlock ROI to its full potential. Leverage our white-label digital app development services to avail innovative features for your vendors.

On-Demand Food Delivery App Development


1 .Multi-Drop Delivery

Enable drivers to make multiple deliveries which let you handle more customers at the same time. This increases revenue and prevents you from an additional delivery run.

2 .Preferred area selection

Allow the drivers to choose their preferred area whenever any order is assigned to them. Distribute the orders as per that area to provide rapid food order deliveries.

3 .Manage vendors smartly

Vendor management becomes effortless with Sieg Partners on-demand restaurant delivery software. Supervise vendors to efficiently resolve the problem faced by your customer.

4 .Dynamic pricing

Sieg Partners allows the vendors to take their partnership with restaurants to the next level by charging dynamic delivery rates based on distance or the value of the order.

5 .Broadcast pending orders

If a delivery partner is unavailable at a particular location, other delivery partners from nearby locations have the choice to fulfil pending deliveries. This will boost your order completion ratio.

6 .Faster payouts for drivers

Sieg Partners provides the delivery partners with e-wallets to store their commission along with a commission acceptance limit for Cash On Delivery orders.

7 .Premium customer app for top-level comfort

The application for online delivery of food that we build is such that every time a customer feels hungry, they instantly tap over it.

“Food delivery app development cost can range anywhere from $40k to $300k or higher. Food delivery app development cost in India range between $3000 thttps://www.siegpartners.com/contact-us-sieg-partners/o $15000 when developing an Android or iOS restaurant food delivery application. Multiple factors will play a part in determining price.”


-Location-based filtering

Geolocation based restaurant searching and filtering for customers provides more time for food selection and delivers better satisfaction.

Pay the way you want

Offer an amazing payment convenience to your customers by enabling them to pay with cash, credit card, debit card, or a mobile wallet.

Digital proof of delivery

Electronic proof of delivery ensures that the food has been delivered to the right customer. It is an accurate, quicker, and easier way of record keeping.

Track orders in real-time

Customers can get updates about their orders in real-time along with the estimated time of arrival.

Attractive rewards

Sieg Partners enables you to offer reward points and exciting offers that involve them deeply into the process and renders a rich customer experience.

Give tip to the driver

Who doesn’t like to be appreciated? The same is the case for the drivers as well. Make your delivery partner smile by providing them with exciting tips.