Best Features to Have in a Learning Management System

Best Features to Have in a Learning Management System

Ways of learning have emerged in the current era. Everything has gone digital. Even the education sector has evolved and with learning management systems (LMS), students have started adapting to the online way of getting educated. If Covid has taught one good thing, it is the use of digital platforms to their optimum. Students have started taking their lectures online. Top Academies have learning management systems in place and have experienced faculties delivering online lectures. Students can get study materials, raise doubts, and get their desired solutions as well.

According to the data from Statitsa, the Learning management system is used the highest among every other learning technology. It’s making more and more businesses invest in the modern education system. Great decision to create an eLearning application and suffice the need of eLearners.

If you have made the decision of developing an eLearning app, here are some of the best features to incorporate.

Admin Panel Features

  • Class Management

This feature allows for managing schedules and timing of the classes. Admin can set a weekly or monthly class schedule.

  • Content Management

Content can be of different types. The learning content can be added in the form of text, images, audiobooks, or videos. Admin can add the study materials, revise the content, or even remove the content if it is not useful through this feature of the eLearning app.

  • Test Management

This feature allows management of the test, its timing, the subject of the test, and even questions to ask in the test. Admin can conduct online tests for the students to participate, practice, and check their knowledge.

  • Teacher Management

Admin can add new faculties through this feature to the LMS. If any teacher decides to leave the academy, the admin can also remove them from the system. Information regarding teachers is also managed through this feature.

  • Parents & Students Management

A list of students is managed here. Details regarding students, course they are taking, their performance, details about their parents, and contact information is managed from this panel.  

  • Payment Management

Fees of the courses, and how many students have opted for the courses and made payment for them are managed from the payment section of the admin panel. Outstanding payments, teachers’ salaries, and other details are checked in the payment management system.

Teacher Panel Features

  • Registration

Every teacher must register with the learning management system while getting started.

  • Dashboard

The dashboard shows details about the teacher, their joining dates, their pay scale, number of lectures, number of students in their class, and other details.

  • Notifications

Teachers get notified about their classes, their schedules, and any changes in the schedule through push notifications.

  • Students Management & Reports

Teachers manage the students in their class, their overall performance, attendance, and reports of their exams.

  • Chat & Call

Teachers can chat and call the students to provide guidance and inform them about the online lectures and timings.

Student Panel Features

  • Registration

Students have to register with the LMS by feeding their basic details and then get started.

  • List of Courses

Students can get a list of courses available with the application to choose from.

  • Online Tests

Students can take online tests to know how they are performing and what the scope of improvement is.

  • Results

Students can check their results online and know how they have done in the tests taken.

  • Purchase History

Students can know about the courses they have bought or the study materials they have purchased through the purchase history feature.

Wrapping Up

Students are adapting to the more interactive and easy way of learning. This is the best time to consult an experienced software development company that can understand your needs and create an amazing solution for you. Talk to our expert for DEMO of Learning Management System. Do you have any question ?